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Multi-Fandom Meta-Fic Challenge
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Welcome to Multi-Fandom Meta-Challenge, a fic-challenge community with a slight difference.

We're aimed at the more experienced author, those who want to get their teeth into something a little more...complicated. Meta-Fiction, Frame Stories, Stories within Stories and others.

This community actually consists of several challenges, you are free to choose to do just one of these, or the whole lot, whatever you feel like. You can even do a challenge twice if you wish.

The challenges are:

The Meta-Fiction Challenge - Produce ten fics in your chosen fandom, using meta-fiction literary devices.

Frame Stories Challenge - Produce ten stories using the literary device of framing. Essentailly stories about stories.

Stories Within Stories Challenge Exactly what it sounds like, work through twenty prompts using the format of fitting X amount of tales within a story. This doesn't have to be a story about stories.

Anthology Challenge A collaborative challenge. Work with other writers to create a group of stories with a common theme and/or canon. Format can be either a collection of short stories or a collection of stories within a framing narrative.

UnNamed Extra Challenge Championing those background characters from every fandom, what's their story?

You must use the following template when posting, and be sure to put the challenge you're doing and the prompt number in the subject bar.


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